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If you live in or around Stevenage, Letchworth, Welwyn or Welwyn Garden City and you are thinking about learning to drive or maybe you have already started taking driving lessons but feel that you are not learning fast enough. Then come along to a driving school that prides itself in being committed to Customer Success. We use a system that helps you learn faster and has been developed, tweaked, tuned and proven.

But we are not one for blowing our own trumpet, as talk is cheap and we could write what we like and say how good we are about ourselves. "NO", we prefer to let our customers do the talking for us instead. But don't just take our word for it, read comments from our customers after they have had their lessons and passed their driving tests with us.

Learning to drive should be fun, but should not detract from understanding fundamental principles for driving safely. Every lesson should be enjoyable, especially if it is taught in a structured format to help you understand easily. Every time you get in the car for your lesson, you will know exactly what you are trying to achieve as there will be a definitive objective for the session. During the lesson you will gain confidence and your ability will improve, but if something happens and a mistake is made you need to be made aware of it. Being told you made the mistake is not enough though, you need to know what the mistake is, why it happened and how you can avoid it when the situation arises again. We here it all too often that driving lessons are conducted by aimlessly just driving along the roads with no purpose or objectives to achieve your goal. If this is the case then you will take far longer and your learning time will increase dramatically, draining your financial resources very quickly. We take great pride in what people say about us and it takes time to build up a good reputation. This can only be echoed by many positive Customer Reviews that reflect the way in which we teach and treat all our students. If you thought that all driving instructors are the same, they are, in "title only". The methods they use and the way they are applied will differ greatly to those that have structure, purpose and clear objectives. If you feel that you fall into the category of learning to drive with an instructor who does not give you a concise objective at the start of every driving lesson, then how are you going to understand what is required of you whilst that lesson is being conducted. You have to make that all important choice, but you are very welcome to join us here at                                                  Allen the Driving Instructor driving school, along with all the other successful local students who have passed their practical driving tests. Wishing you happy, safe and successful driving. Best wishes from all the staff here at Allen the driving Instructor. By Allen Shadbolt, Driving School Director.

8 Steps to Success For Your First Time Pass.

Be consistent with your driving lessons
  No 1. Be Consistent With Your Driving Lessons. Always try to take your driving lesson at least every week. Students that make a slot in their diary for weekly driving lessons learn SO much faster than those that DON’T. If you can commit to two hour driving lessons. You will learn far more and far quicker. One hour driving lessons WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. In any lesson by the time you have a recap from the previous lesson and then drive to the training area to practice the chosen objective, you may have already used up 15 minutes of your driving time. There should always be a summary at the end of each lesson just to confirm what you have learnt, this will take up a further 5 minutes. So in total one third of your lesson has been used up. 60-20=40 minutes of actual driving time.    
Be prepared for your driving lesson
 NO.2. Be Prepared For Your Driving Lessons It’s Your Driving Lesson! Make The Most Of It! Being in the right frame of mind will give the best value for your money. Plan for your lesson the day before, so you are awake, alert and raring to go on the day.    
Begin with a recap of your previous lesson.
No 3. Your Driving Lessons should always begin with a recap of your previous lesson. Please do not under estimate this very important point.

Your driving questions at this stage are to confirm your understanding of previous learning and to test your knowledge on the next subject.

Your practical driving practice will be far less effective if you do not fully understand the theory of the subject and mistakes can be made through lack of knowledge.

The Lesson Objective
No 4. The Lessons Objective.

Possibly, the most important element to your progress.

Trust me , without a firm objective, your learning period will be greatly increased.

It is absolutely vital that EVERY lesson has a definite objective.

You must understand what will be covered in the current lesson and how it will move you forward towards your goal.

Driving around aimlessly is a complete waste of your hard earned money.

Your Driving Lessons should be structured
NO 5. Your Driving Lessons should be structured and you should be encouraged to develop your skills.

Your Lessons should follow a structured path from very easy at the beginning and then increase in complexity as you progress.

Your instructor should be encouraging you to develop by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding.

This is a very important procedure as responsibility is gradually transferred to you.

Summary of Your driving Lesson
NO 6. Summary of Your Driving Lesson.

What you discuss with your driving instructor at the end of your lesson, will demonstrate that you have retained what you have learnt and have a good understanding of the underpinning knowledge.

Self Evaluate
NO 7. Self Evaluate, Be Confident and be Ready.

Be honest with yourself!

Are you still making mistakes during your lessons?

Many students fail their driving tests because they are not driving consistently before they go to test.

Arriving for your practical driving test knowing that you are lacking in confidence due to inconsistent driving will just add to the anxiety and many will blame nerves “on the day” but in reality it’s generally down to lack of consistency in the build up to your test day.

Advice of Your Driving Instructor

NO 8. Listen to the Advice of Your Driving Instructor.

Instructors are highly trained and experienced at assessing when you are ready for your driving test, you are paying for professional advice - So it would be wise to listen to it.

To think that all driving instructors or driving schools are the same would be a massive mistake.


  We offer a “Customer Success” approach with our methods of teaching, each driving lesson from beginning to end follows the same path. Every driving lesson starts with a recap from your previous lesson so that the student confirms their understanding of previous learning and tests their knowledge on the next subject. This will make the starting point for the current lessons objective. Too many driving instructors arrive to pick up their student for their driving lesson with no structured plan in place to follow. It all looks under control when the students parents are peering from behind the net curtains watching their child drive off under the driving instructors supervision. But until a student realises that all they are really doing is driving around for one hour aimlessly, week in - week out, all of a sudden that hard earned money is fast disappearing and they have not improved a great deal from when they started. This is a common factor that some of you may have already experienced and have since changed to another driving school, it is something that we hear far too often. When we take on a new student that has transferred from another driving school, we listen to what they say about the tuition they’ve received and we hear many similar stories in the way they have been taught.It is vitally important that you the pupil, knows exactly why you are requested to do something and the possible consequences of not doing it and how this may affect other road users around you. This may all sound slightly complicated but it couldn’t be further from the truth as the pupils we teach and take to their driving test have given us an average first time pass rate of 76%. When you compare that to the local first time pass rate of just 45% then you can see our methods of teaching are working for our pupils. You can see the happy faces of our students who have a Test Pass to their name, which goes to prove they have benefited from the system we use to educate them in order to be granted a full driving licence from a DVSA examiner. We would like to have the bragging rights to their driving test  success and it would be very easy to just simply type up and say how good we really are. But that would just be too easy and would anyone actually believe us, I think not. So we get our student’s to do the talking for us in the form of a Customer Review, so now you can actually read what they think of their experience here with Allen the Driving Instructor.  

30% of learner drivers will feel the need to change their driving instructor before taking their driving test!!!

We let Our Customers do the Talking!!

 To read our Customer Reviews and see Why we teach many Local Students each week……

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